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I’m 52 and haven’t saved enough for retirement. Is it too late?

Asset allocation will play a big role in your investment/retirement outcome.

I have R500k in the bank. What should I invest in?

Various available investment options will outperform cash over time.

Can I use an RA to reduce my tax liability in retirement?

Few people realise that there is no age limit to continue to place capital into a retirement annuity.

What should I consider before investing in shares?

The first step is to determine what your investment objective is.

Should I keep my life savings in my bond?

The question of paying off debt or contributing to retirement savings is something many South Africans wonder about.

How do I become debt-free?

If the interest rate on your car loan is higher than that of your home loan, consider using your access bond to pay off your vehicle in full.

How do I prepare financially for my child’s education?

How much on average should you put away each month? 

Financial goals for the decades

Every decade brings its own financial challenges, here's how you can plan for them.

I want to use some of my pension on debt and a deposit on a house

Where can I transfer the remaining funds without incurring too much tax?

What happens when I default on my RA payments?

I've been contributing for 10 years, but haven't been able to pay the last three months.

How should a 23-year-old invest their money?

Is a retirement annuity, unit trust, or tax-free savings account the way to go?

What is the best way to save/invest for an engagement ring?

Should I save a monthly amount in a bank account or invest it?

How can I pursue a career as an investment advisor?

My true passion is investments and I would like to start at entry level.

What would the executor’s fee be on a loan to my children?

I want to give each of my children R500 000 to pay me a set monthly income.
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