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Why trusts remain relevant for estate planning

3 Oct 2021
There is still good reason to use trusts in estate planning, often for reasons which are not purely financial.

How can I invest R2.5m in such a way that it’s all gone when I die?

23 Sep 2021
And how much can I draw down from this investment?

Does a divorced spouse benefit from the sale of a deceased ex’s property?

22 Sep 2021
Both parties are still registered as co-owners of the property.

How much do I need to invest to receive a monthly income of R10k over 10 years?

21 Sep 2021
After 10 years, the initial amount should still be available.

Does a unit trust fall outside a deceased estate?

14 Sep 2021
Unit trusts form part of the deceased estate and will need to be included in the J243 inventory showing all the assets.

How long does it take to dematerialise and sell shares when winding up an estate?

8 Sep 2021
It can take several months since the share certificates will be in a holding position while the various processes associated with winding up an estate unfold.

Am I forced to bring funds from my offshore RA back to SA?

7 Sep 2021
I wish to keep the RA offshore and then purchase an offshore-based annuity.

Income fund vs RSA retail bonds: Which can offer a pensioner decent interest?

2 Sep 2021
Without knowing how much you need on a monthly basis to cover your living expenses, it is difficult to advise the most appropriate investment for your lump sum.

What are the penalties for accessing your RA before the maturity date?

1 Sep 2021
I'm planning to emigrate before the end of the year and wondering if it would be prudent to stop the contributions now and gain access to the funds.

Can a testamentary trust purchase a vehicle for the guardian to drive?

31 Aug 2021
If circumstances are such that a car needs to be purchased for the benefit of the minor children, and the powers given to the trustees are wide-ranging enough, it is possible.

Can I claim from the Guardian’s Fund at 18?

26 Aug 2021
Once a beneficiary has reached the age of majority, they are able to claim the invested money as well as the accrued interest.

I won R3m in the lotto. How should I invest it?

25 Aug 2021
In choosing where to invest, you need to consider factors such as inflation, current interest rates, your investment timeframe, and your risk appetite.

My ex-employer requested a pension payout without my consent. Can I recoup the tax paid?

24 Aug 2021
If the correct procedure was not followed by your employer, you may be able to bring a case to the ombud to seek compensation.

RA or ETF: Which is best for someone who does not get an RA’s tax benefit?

19 Aug 2021
If there is no tax benefit to an investor, then I do believe there are more suitable structures to invest in.

What can I invest R500k in to get R5k a month and still keep my investment as is?

18 Aug 2021
In the current environment, the best match with your requirements would be either a ‘variable income’ or a ‘multi-asset income’ unit trust fund.

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