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How can I invest R2.5m in such a way that it’s all gone when I die?

23 Sep 2021
And how much can I draw down from this investment?

Am I forced to bring funds from my offshore RA back to SA?

7 Sep 2021
I wish to keep the RA offshore and then purchase an offshore-based annuity.

Income fund vs RSA retail bonds: Which can offer a pensioner decent interest?

2 Sep 2021
Without knowing how much you need on a monthly basis to cover your living expenses, it is difficult to advise the most appropriate investment for your lump sum.

What are the penalties for accessing your RA before the maturity date?

1 Sep 2021
I'm planning to emigrate before the end of the year and wondering if it would be prudent to stop the contributions now and gain access to the funds.

My ex-employer requested a pension payout without my consent. Can I recoup the tax paid?

24 Aug 2021
If the correct procedure was not followed by your employer, you may be able to bring a case to the ombud to seek compensation.

Can I withdraw funds from my pension fund to settle my medical bills?

17 Aug 2021
We recommend that you stop the transfer process of your pension fund as soon as possible if you are able to, and rather take a cash withdrawal directly from the fund.

Can I get a special dispensation to withdraw R350k from my living annuity?

11 Aug 2021
It has a value of just over R2m, and I need the money to settle my bond.

Will retirement fund pay a lump sum of husband’s annuity if we agree to it in our divorce?

4 Aug 2021
It is paramount that you understand your rights at divorce and be aware of certain legislation that is applicable to your particular situation.

Can I draw three months’ payment in a month from my living annuity?

29 Jul 2021
Since this is the anniversary month of your annuity you can elect for the drawdown to be paid annually, which would provide you with the liquidity you need – but there are a few things to be aware of.

Should I cash in my RAs and invest in living annuities?

22 Jul 2021
And does it make sense to buy another RA after one retires as I will be paying tax on my income from part-time work?

Should I leave my money in an overseas pension fund or transfer it to SA?

30 Jun 2021
If I leave it overseas, how will I be taxed on it?

Can you be evicted from a life rights retirement village for non-payment of levies?

29 Jun 2021
Firstly, interest will be charged on the overdue amount, then services may be disconnected or discontinued, then legal proceedings may be instituted. It is ultimately preferable to avoid getting into arrears.

Am I on track to achieve my retirement income goal?

24 Jun 2021
If not, what sort of shortfall am I facing and how much extra would I need to put away each month?

How should I manage a maturing retirement annuity?

22 Jun 2021
The key fundamental is to make sure you understand your goals, and to map them to an investment strategy within different product vehicles.

How can I invest R15m to get a monthly income of R50k?

17 Jun 2021
Retirement planning isn't something that can be done once; it's an individual investment discipline that considers the relevant facts on an ongoing basis.

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