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What’s the best low-risk, income-generating investment for a retiree?

Structuring a retirement income product is one of the most important investment decisions you'll make.

I’m 52 and haven’t saved enough for retirement. Is it too late?

Asset allocation will play a big role in your investment/retirement outcome.

Can I use an RA to reduce my tax liability in retirement?

Few people realise that there is no age limit to continue to place capital into a retirement annuity.

Should I keep my life savings in my bond?

The question of paying off debt or contributing to retirement savings is something many South Africans wonder about.

Can value loss in pre-retirement investments normalise after upswings?

The optimal solution is a well-thought-out balancing act.

Can I get tax benefits from contributing to my kids’ RAs?

Considerations when contributing toward retirement annuities and other long-term investments for your children.

How do I choose the best living annuity, return-wise?

Avoid picking funds purely on performance – simply going for last year’s winners or losers isn't a fund-selection process.

How will I be taxed on unit trust withdrawals?

Local unit trusts generally attract dividend and interest taxes and possibly capital gains tax on withdrawal.

Do I still pay my RA advisor’s fees if he’s no longer practising?

The fee would not automatically stop, but you do have options.

I’m 69 and working. How do I gain more tax relief?

A look at how to benefit from medical aid and retirement annuity contributions.

Do the default regulations allow me to transfer my pension fund?

Yes – but consider investment fees, fund performance, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

How do I become debt-free?

If the interest rate on your car loan is higher than that of your home loan, consider using your access bond to pay off your vehicle in full.

How do I best invest my R6m lump sum from the RAF?

Consider the emotional benefits of owning your own home without the anxiety of paying off a bond.

Can I transfer my funds out of a loss-making annuity?

Changing investment strategies based solely on market performance is not advised, especially in retirement.

Should I use my provident fund to buy property and rent it out?

There are tax implications to consider.
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