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I’m emigrating, what happens to my provident fund?

22 Jun 2017
I can't decide if I should invest it here in SA, or overseas, and I don't know what the tax implications are….

An alternative way of diversifying a portfolio

21 Jun 2017
Investors have been moving towards cash, says Roenica Tyson – investment product manager, Glacier by Sanlam.

Do I invest my money or store it under the mattress?

15 Jun 2017
The R400 000 I invested is now worth R383 000 a year later. We are 50 years old, and don’t have a lot of time left to contribute towards our pension….

I’m 62: what do I do with my RA?

1 Jun 2017
I'm considering early retirement when I turn 62 next year. How do I deal with my retirement annuities?

What happens if my annuity was miscalculated?

11 May 2017
What do you do if after a year of retirement, you are notified that the annuity was miscalculated, overpaid and they want money back?

Mitigating risk in political turmoil

21 Apr 2017
Go back to basics and ask yourself: what is the objective of your investment? - Johan Burger, Brenthurst Wealth.

Pension investment options

2 Mar 2017
I'm a 61-year-old widower and plan to retire at the end of this year. My current pension value is R4 122 906.10. If I invest my money in a living annuity and require R20 000 per month, how long will my money last?

Active vs passive funds: what the fees are, and which are lower

8 Nov 2016
Reader’s question answered.

Accessing pension lump sums on early retirement: rules and tips

7 Nov 2016
I want to make a query regarding to lump sum withdrawals. In 2014, at 54, my dad resigned from his job at Eskom after 39 years and ten months service, as he was drowning in debt. His pension fund was worth R1.8 million when he submitted the resignati...

How to manage multiple RAs

24 Oct 2016
Factors to consider when saving with GEPF. Reader's question answered.
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