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Can I get tax benefits from contributing to my kids’ RAs?

Considerations when contributing toward retirement annuities and other long-term investments for your children.

Where is it best to invest R3m?

Several things need to be considered; staying focused on your long-term objective – retirement – is important.

Is there a tax-saving route to financial emigration?

If I proceed with financial emigration to Mauritius, will I still be personally liable for capital gains tax on the shares I hold in a company?

Will I be taxed for contributions to a new business?

Tax implications will depend on the nature of the business and how you structure the investment.

I’m 69 and working. How do I gain more tax relief?

A look at how to benefit from medical aid and retirement annuity contributions.

Should I invest a lump sum or contribute monthly?

The amount of time you spend in the market and the frequency with which you invest are two important factors to consider.

How do I best invest my R6m lump sum from the RAF?

Consider the emotional benefits of owning your own home without the anxiety of paying off a bond.

What are the tax implications for the beneficiary of my living annuity?

Will my minor grandchild be able to register as a taxpayer?

My unit trust fund investment hasn’t accrued in value

What should I do to ensure I get some income from this investment?

I want to use some of my pension on debt and a deposit on a house

Where can I transfer the remaining funds without incurring too much tax?

How should a 23-year-old invest their money?

Is a retirement annuity, unit trust, or tax-free savings account the way to go?

What would the executor’s fee be on a loan to my children?

I want to give each of my children R500 000 to pay me a set monthly income.

What is the best way forward with my Sasol pension?

I have many options, but I'm not sure which one will benefit me the most.

How will proceeds be taxed if money is invested in a grandchild’s name?

Are minors regarded as separate taxpayers?

What is the Sars rate for future capital gains?

I'm still in the process of legalising my offshore investments, including unit trusts in the UK.
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