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What’s better: investing in a 30-day notice account or unit trusts?

18 Dec 2018
A combination of income funds run by respected asset managers may be one of the safest forms of investment, other than cash.

How should a 23-year-old invest their money?

31 Jul 2018
Is a retirement annuity, unit trust, or tax-free savings account the way to go?

Which is a better option for a 71-year old: fixed deposit or stick to unit trusts?

25 Jun 2018
My flexible investment has taken a big knock and I am very worried as I am now digging into my capital.

How can I invest for good returns, but with low risk?

30 May 2018
Are unit trusts or fixed deposit accounts the better option?

Would it be crazy to sell my house and take the proceeds overseas?

22 Feb 2018
I'm thinking of selling my house and depositing the proceeds overseas as an insurance policy against further political upheaval.

Can we use trusts to save for an investment property?

14 Sep 2017
A group is committed to collectively saving R45k per month for a year, to purchase an investment property cash.

Will a donation to my spouse trigger capital gains tax?

12 Sep 2017
I'm married out of community of property and would like to donate unit trusts to my spouse.

I’ve sold my house: How do I invest the proceeds?

1 Aug 2017
I want to use the proceeds for my daughter’s studies, or else as a deposit in two years’ time.

Investing in shares: How do I minimise fees, tax?

4 Jul 2017
I'd like to invest in shares on the JSE, across all sectors, monthly. How do I minimise fees and what are the tax implications?

Managing a unit trust portfolio in uncertain times

6 Jun 2017
I recently inherited a large sum of money - have I invested it in the right unit trust?

Tax on share portfolios versus unit trusts

30 May 2017
Are share portfolios becoming tax dinosaurs when, with collective investment schemes, you get the same thing but pay far less tax?

Fixed deposits versus unit trusts

20 Jan 2017
Reader's question answered: The search for a reasonable rate of return.

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