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How can I buy Tesla shares?

There are affordable ways for those in South Africa to get exposure to this stock.

I want to buy my 23-year-old one or two shares in Tesla. Call me crazy – I’m not even sure if I can afford one.

My thinking is to hand him his official share and in about two to three years that one share would be worth something and he can continue with it in his own path.

I have never invested in shares but if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that you cannot win it if you are not in.

Which platform would allow you to purchase one Tesla share? Are there other affordable avenues that can give you exposure to Tesla?

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If I can just say, what an amazing idea and gift to receive. We are so used to giving our kids things they can play with and that will have no monetary value in the future. This is just wonderful.

The current Tesla share price as of the date of writing this article is $667.53 and the exchange rate at the same time is around R15/$1.

So to buy one Tesla share will cost those of us in SA around R10 000.

If this is a little steep for just one share, there is some good news.

One option

Tesla is on EasyEquities – this is an online investment platform that allows investors to buy local, American and Australian shares.

One of the many benefits of EasyEquities is that you can buy a fraction of a share.

This means that if you only have R500 available to invest in Tesla now, you can do so by buying a piece of a share (a fraction). In short, you don’t need to wait until you have the R10 000 to buy one share – you can gradually add to your EasyEquities account and buy more and more of that share.

And there’s more good news – you can open the account in your son’s name so that he owns the share right away. If you did have to open the account in your name you would own the share. Might be a nice idea to give him his own EasyEquities account as a gift with the Tesla share already in place on the platform.

He will then be able to invest in his own shares if he would like to, including ones on the JSE.

Another option

If buying a direct share is not for you, then I would suggest looking at the Satrix exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that have Tesla within their offering.

The two ETFs are the Satrix MSCI World ETF and the Satrix S&P 500 ETF. These can be found here.

The benefit of an ETF in this context is that you don’t just have exposure to one share, you will also gain access to some other shares like Apple, Microsoft, Visa and more. An ETF is also extremely well priced, usually less than 0.50% per annum.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question, I hope that it helps and guides you on the right path. Once again congratulations on being proactive and teaching our child the value of investing.

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Alternately get hold of standard bank and open an offshore share account and buy it directly. Long process but possible

Another ETF option is Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution ETF with around 2% Tesla exposure.

I would suggest looking into Fisker for $17/ share. Way more upside and “runway”. Founder Henrik Fisker designed Aston Martins and BMW models prior to starting fisker.

Biden’s infrastructure plan is to build 500k charging stations.

Fisker has signed memorandum of understanding with Foxconn (hint hint: Apple manufacturer) and Magna.

Much better gift if you’re thinking long term and like EVs. Wonderful idea by the way! Need more people thinking like you.

Agree. The lone fact that this question is being asked by someone who has never bought shares means that this share is overtraded and publicized.

Fisker hasn’t sold a single car.
No prototype has been driven, yet co valuation is $ 4,6 B!
Hendrik Fisker may have design skill – that doesn’t make him a sucessful businessperson.
He had one company gone bust (Fisker Karma, a hybrid car).

This one has a low chance of surviving, maybe in 5 years time have a look again to compare Fisker to Tesla.

Fisker is NOT a good starter share imho.

I just bought another 500 FSR today …

I agree

The most cost effective way is simply to open a online brokerage account in the US, which will allow you to trade any shares and instruments listed over there. Much lower costs and potentially better tax implications.

Yep. Interactive Brokers IBKR is an excellent option. You can transfer ZAR in there and convert into USD at much better rate than local banks in SA can offer

FNB ETN’s also offer access to US stocks.

Firstly. My experience with way equities has been great… Good service and super easy platform to use (for SA offerings).

Secondly an ETF is absolutely the way to go.
Picking 1 share with 10k to spend has a rather high likelihood of ending badly!

Someone who’s 23 should have obtained a degree and an honours degree, currently pursuing a Masters degree…and they possibly don’t know how to go about buying Tesla shares directly or indirectly…

Definitely they know where to buy Bitcoin.

Parenting an adult,a 23 year-old.

This person (23) is lost and hopeless. Buy him Satrix’s Nasdaq 100 and leave it at that. You also don’t know a thing.

There are many and varied ways to throw your money away, don’t just limit yourself to companies with intergalactic PE ratios like Tesla.

You have to put your brain on autopilot to buy Tesla or crypto for that matter. Tesla has a market share of the global passenger vehicle market of about 0.7%. But Tesla’s market cap ($670 billion sales 499 550) is now more than the combined market cap ($621 billion sales 25.6 million) of Toyota (Toyota and Lexus), Volkswagen (VW, Audi, Porsche, and many other brands) and GM. Tesla should stop making the few cars it does and do what it does best, sell shares.

Why would you buy Tesla now ( after their recent last set of results) – it would be like buying Steinhoff at R57 after reading their auditors statements! Lol!

End of comments.





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