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South Africa

Lax SA law enforcement hinders state firms’ turnaround

30 Nov 2021  /  Amogelang Mbatha and S'thembile Cele, Bloomberg   2
Law enforcement is happening at 'a fairly relaxed pace,' Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said.

South Africa

SA seeks to end policy ambiguity delaying Eskom rescue

29 Nov 2021  /  Paul Burkhardt and Paul Vecchiatto, Bloomberg   1
'There is absolutely going to be one voice as we go forward into 2022 and one direction that we want to go in as well,' Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said in a November 26 interview.

Moneyweb Crypto

One of the world’s most profitable crypto mines is in Joburg

29 Nov 2021  /  Ciaran Ryan   5
Running off almost free electricity generated by sunlight.


Where can investors turn in 2022 to find returns and invest for a better tomorrow?

28 Nov 2021  /  Ninety One  
Ninety One’s CEO and several portfolio managers discuss their outlooks.

South Africa

Gordhan sees SAA sale completed by early 2022

26 Nov 2021  /  Francine Lacqua and Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg   2
The sale of 51% of South African Airways to the Takatso consortium is 'certainly moving in the right direction,' Gordhan said.

Strong numbers from TWK

26 Nov 2021  /  Simon Brown  
The filling station division is a dark spot; but mechanisation, crops, fertilisers and the new renewable energy segment are all doing well: TWK Agri CEO Eddie Fivaz.

South Africa

Renewables won’t cut it, says Nersa

26 Nov 2021  /  Moneyweb   9
'SA needs nuclear for base load.'

South Africa

Things are improving at Eskom – Ramaphosa

26 Nov 2021  /  Adriaan Kruger  
Long road ahead, and IPPs are invited for the trip.

Companies and Deals

Stefanutti Stocks makes slow progress with Eskom claims and disputes

26 Nov 2021  /  Roy Cokayne  
Reports another loss despite some progress with the implementation of its restructuring plan.

Fast News

SA will only accept $8.5bn green energy deal on good terms, president says

25 Nov 2021  /  Wendell Roelf and Tim Cocks, Reuters   2
Earlier this month, the US joined Britain, France, Germany and the European Union to offer a multi-billion dollar package to help South Africa accelerate a transition from coal.

South Africa

Retirement funds set up forum to boost infrastructure investment

25 Nov 2021  /  Justin Brown, Citywire  
Its formation comes as National Treasury reviews Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act to make it easier for retirement funds to invest in infrastructure.

Fast News

SA’s Q4 business confidence flat

24 Nov 2021  /  Shanima A and Amna Karimi, Reuters  
As power cuts, supply chain issues weigh.

Fast News

Eskom failures leave SA set for years of power cuts

24 Nov 2021  /  Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg   1
With operational problems at the monolithic state power utility showing no signs of abating and plans to add new generation capacity ensnared in legal wrangling and red tape.

Fast News

SA graft ombudsman holds hearings in renewables probe

23 Nov 2021  /  Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg  
As part of an investigation into the awarding of contracts to independent renewable power producers.

Fast News

SA miners plan R60bn spend on power projects

23 Nov 2021  /  Felix Njini, Bloomberg  
Companies could build 3 900 megawatts of solar, wind and battery energy projects and help supplement supplies from the struggling state-owned Eskom, Roger Baxter said.

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