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Nationalisation presents an opportunity

17 Aug 2011  /  Shawn Hagedorn  
…because it threatens everyone.

Hold on for one more day

16 Aug 2011  /  Felicity Duncan  
Despite market chaos, now is not the time to get out.

The Emperor’s cloak

15 Aug 2011  /  Cathy Buckle  
Cathy Buckle empathises with the Londoners hit by the riots.

Wimpy owner’s tragic story

12 Aug 2011  /  Sasha Planting  
It is not what we expected of London.

How goodly are thy tents, O Israel!

12 Aug 2011  /  Jeremy Gordin  
This is the rioting season – but Jeremy Gordin is impressed with the Israeli model.

World headed to hell in handbasket

10 Aug 2011  /  Felicity Duncan  
What the last few days' tumult means for us all.

The harsh economic truth about the London riots

9 Aug 2011  /  Peter Apps  
The financial crisis may leave a generation of young people with opportunities that fall well short of their aspirations.


Gold hits fresh records before falling back; Fed needs to “do what it takes to cause inflation”

9 Aug 2011
While stocks entered what is technically a definite bear market – before recovering a little later – gold soared to a record spot price in the high $1770s, but as markets recovered gold fell back somewhat.

Listeners’ questions (1): Alec Hogg, Wayne McCurrie and Ashraf Mohamed

8 Aug 2011
Today's market, US government bond, R186 bond, the rand and pension transfers

Market watcher: David Shapiro – Sasfin

3 Aug 2011
The market down just over 1% today. Investors worried.

“Arab dawn” spreads to Malawi………?

22 Jul 2011  /  Imara Africa Securities  
It remains to be seen how the situation pans out in Malawi.


Paladin Energy CEO delivers broadside against Greens Party

21 Jul 2011
A leading Australian uranium industry figure fired a broadside at the country’s Greens Party which has pushed a case that Australia could be run totally on renewable energy by 2040.


Facebook gold game; signs of a bubble or a mindset shift?

13 Jul 2011
First gold vending machines, and now a facebook trading game with bullion as the prize, gold bears are looking hard for signs of a bubble but, could there be something else at work?


Papering over Europe’s cracks

5 Jul 2011
S&P’s announcement that an attempt by France to roll-over Greek debt would be considered a default adds further insight to the view that more than anything else, the current euro zone plan is only delaying the inevitable


Gold holds steady, “train wreck” Greece could “give up” on cuts, “QE2 inflation a success!”

30 Jun 2011
BullionVault’s daily London market report sees gold and silver still deciding which way to move as continuing doubts cast on Greek public’s acceptance of the drastic austerity programme.

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