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What lies ahead for gold and industrial metals and minerals in 2011

3 Jan 2011  /  Lawrence Williams  
Good start then a difficult second half. A personal view of what may happen in the global economy and for precious and industrial metals and minerals and stocks in the year ahead. Author:

Through the looking-glass…

31 Dec 2010  /  Dr Lance Vogel*  
As we wave farewell to 2010, there are 3 concerns looming for investors in 2011.

The A to Z of investment in 2010

31 Dec 2010  /  Jeremy Gardiner, director, Investec Asset Management*  
Jeremy Gardiner looks back at 2010 and says it’s going to be tricky going forward.

Time for revenge – Mugabe

19 Dec 2010  /  Cathy Buckle  
All hell to break loose in Zimbabwe in 2011?

Truth is the first casualty

19 Nov 2010  /  Helen Zille  
Helen Zille says 'service delivery' does more to disguise than reveal the truth.

Cyber-spies, big corporate battle give shareholders the jitters

8 Nov 2010  /  Jackie Cameron  
Tales of suicide, hostages, malicious slander, computer viruses - Naspers' Tencent.

Cape Town Stadium: Without direction

13 Oct 2010
Plus Beaufort West to gets its own commercial airport.

We have a problem here

1 Oct 2010  /  Jeremy Gordin  
Jeremy Gordin proposes a mutually beneficial solution to the Malema-De Villiers' dilemma.

What is more important: to buy “low” or to sell “high”?

13 Sep 2010  /  Robert Cowen Investments*  
The correlation between the growth in the JSE Index and the growth in earnings per share.

The Zuma situation

9 Sep 2010  /  Jeremy Gordin  
Jeremy Gordin on all the dark plotting against the ANC president

A recipe for a new SA

5 Sep 2010  /  Denis Beckett*  
Denis Beckett discusses his new site aimed at making a better world.

South Africa’s basket case scenario

10 Aug 2010  /  Roy de Vos*  
Talking nice to the man with the gun doesn't seem to work in a hijacking, writes Roy de Vos.

Back away from the screens

30 Jun 2010  /  Sasha Naryshkine  
The European debt crisis continues to grip every day ordinary market participants.

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