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The cost of rising food prices

1 Apr 2008  /  Russell Blinch and Brian Love   2
Amid rising grain prices and growing protests, some economists are warning that the world is in a new era of food scarcity.

Are the police with us or against us?

22 Mar 2008
Article by DA leader, Helen Zille, March 21 2008.

Hey SA – toughen up, get active

19 Mar 2008  /  Dave Knowles*   44
Headmaster of a top SA school offers leadership advice worth acting on.

Whither the beloved country?

4 Feb 2008  /  Felicity Duncan   10
Are we heading for failed state status? Or could we turn this baby around?

Guns vs. butter

27 Jan 2008  /  Helen Zille, Democratic Alliance   2
What the electricity crisis reveals about government’s priorities

Guns vs. butter

25 Jan 2008  /  Democratic Alliance   25
The DA muses on what the electricity crisis reveals about government’s priorities.

“When I see a white skin I shiver”

25 Jan 2008
ANC mayor criticises whites at commemoration of Skielik murder victims.

Dubious and dubiouser

21 Jan 2008
The NPA debunks ANC claims about Nel, Zuma gets it wrong on the media.

Church massacre pushes Kenya death toll near 250

2 Jan 2008  /  Daniel Wallis and Wangui Kanina, Reuters   6
A mob torched a church near Eldoret town where hundreds of Kibaki's Kikuyu tribe had taken refuge.

Ebrahim Ally: Market commentator, Oasis Asset Management

12 Dec 2007
‘Consolidation in the [commodity] sector may see the commodity cycle play out much longer than anticipated.’

Flame Lillies and quadrillions

10 Dec 2007  /  Cathy Buckle   17
The Minister of Finance presented a 7,8 quadrillion dollar budget for the coming year. How many zeroes in a quadrillion?

Waiting for 2009

6 Dec 2007  /  Barry Sergeant   3
South Africa’s economy moves to a knife edge, but positives may just outweigh negatives through an unavoidably tough 2008.

Chris Buchanan: Moneyweb

13 Jul 2007
Weekly review.

David Shapiro: Market watcher, Sasfin

9 Jul 2007
History lesson for Zim, preview of tonight’s show, new high driven by resources, banks featuring prominently, the strong rand and interest rates.

Dzika Danha: Analyst, Renaissance Capital, Harare

9 Jul 2007
With the enforced halving of prices in Zimbabwe, how ugly can the economic situation get?

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