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Fast News

UK rules out another lockdown even with cases on the rise

20 Oct 2021  /  Alex Morales, Bloomberg  
'I categorically rule out' new lockdown measures.

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Vaccine certificate: Here’s how to get yours

11 Oct 2021  /  Cheryl Kahla, Citizen  
The certificate will streamline proof of vaccination. Here's how to get yours.

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Official launch of SA vaccine certificate a sign of good things to come

11 Oct 2021  /  Nica Richards, Citizen  
The UK has confirmed it will be recognising South Africa's vaccination certificate.

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Govt promises foolproof digital vaxx certificate

11 Oct 2021  /  Brian Sokutu, Citizen   8
'The national department of health, and South Africans have no reason to stress about the safety of the certificate.'

Fast News

UK pares red list to seven countries

8 Oct 2021  /  Siddharth Philip and Anthony Palazzo, Bloomberg   1
In bid to encourage air travel.

South Africa

SA hotel stocks surge as key international tourism markets lift travel restrictions

4 Oct 2021  /  Suren Naidoo and Palesa Mofokeng   7
Now all eyes are on the UK's upcoming red list decision.

Fast News

SA holds talks with UK on travel, vaccine policies

27 Sep 2021  /  Janice Kew, Bloomberg  
Outcomes will be considered as part of the next review of UK border measures …

Fast News

UK faces backlash over selective vaccine policy at border

23 Sep 2021  /  John Bowker and Janice Kew, Bloomberg  
Refusal to recognise visitors as vaccinated unless they received their shots in a handful of select countries.

Fast News

England scraps vaccine passports, readies for booster shots

13 Sep 2021  /  Emily Ashton, Bloomberg   1
The UK may also soon drop mandatory PCR tests for returning travelers who are fully vaccinated. 


Achieving a vaccination rate of 70% to 80% of adults is crucial

30 Aug 2021  /  Busi Mavuso   31
Access must improve and people must be incentivised.

Fast News

World’s rich steer superyachts to Greece after Covid reopening

4 Jul 2021  /  Kevin Varley, Bloomberg   1
And the wealthy are traveling there like never before.

South Africa

South Africa should train all pharmacists to give vaccinations

19 Jun 2021  /  Dr Velisha Ann Perumal-Pillay   12
If targets are to be met.

Fast News

Greece set to open doors to tourists

16 May 2021  /  Paul Tugwell and Sotiris Nikas, Bloomberg  
In bid to revive economy.

Fast News

Qantas pushes back expected restart of international travel

25 Feb 2021  /  Angus Whitley, Bloomberg   
Qantas aims to restart 22 of its 25 overseas routes to cities including Los Angeles, London and Johannesburg from October 31.

Fast News

China arrests 37, Li urges scrutiny as vaccine scandal widens

23 Mar 2016  /  Natasha Khan, Bloomberg  
Authorities focus on drugs distributed by mother-daughter team.

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