•  Coronation Global Capital Plus [ZAR] Feeder Fund (P)

-3.62  /  -1.17%


NAV on 2020/10/29
NAV on 2020/10/28 313.63
52 week high on 2020/04/21 344.37
52 week low on 2019/12/27 272.36
Total Expense Ratio on 2020/09/30 0.94
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2020/09/30 0
Incl Dividends
1 month change -4.34% -4.33%
3 month change -1.61% -1.6%
6 month change -7.03% -7.02%
1 year change 12.07% 12.08%
5 year change 7.08% 7.08%
10 year change 0% 0%
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  • Sectoral allocations
Financials 1.82 0.02%
General Equity 90.73 0.76%
Liquid Assets 2461.97 20.66%
SA Bonds 41.77 0.35%
Offshore 9321.59 78.22%
  • Top five holdings
GOLDBULLION 590.79 4.96%
BRITUSATABACO 147.14 1.23%
ALPHABETINCA 141.51 1.19%
CHARCOMINC 140.58 1.18%
PHILIPMORRIS 139.39 1.17%
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  • Fund data  
Management company:
Coronation Fund Managers Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
Global--Multi Asset--Low Equity
100% USD 3 Month LIBOR Index + 1.5%
  • Fund management  
Louis Stassen
Louis is a founder member and former CIO of Coronation. He is a senior portfolio manager within the investment team responsible for the absolute return unit which he established in 1999. He also co-manages the Coronation Global Capital Plus Fund. Louis has more than 20 years' industry experience and has worked in the investment teams of Allan Gray, Syfrets Managed Assets and Standard Bank in London
Neil Padoa

  • Fund manager's comment

2020/02/17 00:00:00
Global Capital Plus is in the first instance managed to achieve reasonable investment growth over time. Our intent is that the fund should meaningfully outperform an investment in developed market cash over time. In addition, we aim to preserve capital over any 12-month period.
  • Fund focus and objective  
Global Capital Plus can invest in all listed asset classes including shares, listed property, bonds and cash. The fund will primarily have exposure to developed economies (including the US, Europe and Japan) but can also invest in emerging markets. The fund is managed to suit the needs of more conservative investors who want to invest for longer than three years. Exposure to growth assets (shares and listed property), which pose more risk than income assets, will typically not exceed 50%. The intent is to keep the fund fully invested in foreign assets at all times. It will have exposure to a variety of currencies, with a general bias towards developed markets, specifically to the US dollar and euro.

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