-97.84  /  -1.14%

NAV on 2018/10/23


NAV on 2018/10/22 8687.31
52 week high on 2018/01/25 9724.24
52 week low on 2018/10/11 8543.21
Total Expense Ratio on 2018/06/30 1.17
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2018/06/30 0
NAV Incl Dividends
1 month change -6% -5.31%
3 month change -3.9% -3.19%
6 month change -6.91% -5.65%
1 year change -6.63% -4.17%
5 year change 3.7% 6.73%
10 year change 10.89% 14.31%
  • Sectoral allocations
Consumer Goods 704.87 16.61%
Consumer Services 957.71 22.57%
Financials 860.52 20.28%
Health Care 210.54 4.96%
Liquid Assets 184.41 4.35%
Managed 285.00 6.72%
Offshore 1040.31 24.51%
  • Top five holdings
U-MARCOR 285.00 6.72%
 FIRSTRAND 274.57 6.47%
 SHOPRIT 268.44 6.33%
 STANBANK 259.26 6.11%
 BATS 214.10 5.05%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data
Management company:
Marriott Unit Trust Management Company Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
South African--Equity--General
JSE All Share index
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  • Fund management
Marriott Asset Management
All asset management decisions are made together with the Marriott Investment Committee using an income-focused approach to investing.

  • Fund manager's comment

Marriott Dividend Growth comment - Sep 14

2014/12/18 00:00:00
The Dividend Growth Fund is currently yielding approximately 3% and has grown its distribution by approximately 8% in excess of inflation over the last decade. This makes the fund an ideal equity building block for retirement planning. The fund also has a 4 Plexcrown rating for risk adjusted performance.
After a rocky start to the year the Dividend Growth Fund has rebounded strongly and has continued to deliver exceptional performance from both an income and capital growth perspective. For the quarter the fund increased its distribution by 16.7% (aided by a special dividend paid by MMI) and produced a total return of 4.4%. Once again the fund's relatively high level of capital growth was driven by impressive financial results from a number of its core holdings. Over the 3 month period British American Tobacco (9.7% holding) and MTN (8.4% holding) reported a 26% and 20% increase in their interim dividends respectively, and both Bidvest (8.5% holding) and AVI (8.5% holding) reported a 15% increase in their full year dividends.
In the short term share price movements are often influenced by human emotions but over the long term income growth is the biggest driver of capital value growth when it comes to equity investing. Consequently, the Marriott Dividend Growth Fund has been exclusively invested in the shares of companies which provide basic necessities or offer value to consumers. These companies have track records demonstrating an ability to grow their profits and dividends irrespective of interest rate or business cycles. This focus on reliable dividend growth is essential when trying to provide investors with an acceptable investment outcome with a high degree of certainty in a subdued economic environment.
  • Fund focus and objective
The fund aims to provide investors with an acceptable dividend yield and growing level of dividend income. The fund will seek out fundamentally sound JSE listed companies that currently pay dividends and possess the potential for consistent and sustainable dividend growth in the future. The fund aims to achieve a dividend yield for its unitholders in excess of the dividend yield of the Financial and Industrial index and to grow distributions in excess of the dividend growth achieved by the Financial and Industrial index measured over rolling two-year periods.



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