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-1.26  /  -0.5%


NAV on 2019/09/18
NAV on 2019/09/17 254.3075
52 week high on 2018/09/19 262.6348
52 week low on 2019/01/04 240.2693
Total Expense Ratio on 2019/06/30 1.48
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2019/06/30 0.19
NAV Incl Dividends
1 month change 2.19% 2.19%
3 month change -0.77% 0.41%
6 month change -0.56% 1.28%
1 year change -3.29% 0.44%
5 year change 1.14% 4.05%
10 year change 5.19% 8.06%
Price data is updated once a day.
  • Sectoral allocations
Bonds 31.21 29.72%
Derivatives 2.36 2.25%
General Equity 27.86 26.53%
Liquid Assets 2.88 2.74%
Real Estate 9.37 8.93%
Spec Equity 17.87 17.02%
Offshore 13.45 12.81%
  • Top five holdings
U-OASBOND 31.21 29.72%
U-OSGENEQ 28.43 27.07%
U-OASINTF 17.87 17.02%
U-OASPROP 9.37 8.93%
CASHONCALL 2.88 2.74%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data  
Management company:
Oasis Crescent Management Company Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
South African--Multi Asset--Low Equity
CPI + 1%
Contact details




  • Fund management  
Adam Ebrahim
Adam Ebrahim was educated at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where he received his B.Soc.Sc (Hons) degree. Thereafter he completed a post graduate diploma in accounting and was admitted as a chartered accountant and auditor in South Africa. Following the completion of his qualification as a chartered accountant, Adam completed the Association for Investment Management and Research’s Chartered Financial Analyst Programme, qualifying as a chartered financial analyst.
Adam has worked for Deloitte & Touche in South Africa and in London and has also gained work experience as an analyst, portfolio manager, director, and partner of a prominent asset management organisation. He currently serves as a member of the South African Minister of Finance’s Collective Investment Scheme Advisory Committee.

  • Fund manager's comment
No fund manager's comment available.
  • Fund focus and objective  
The Oasis Balanced Stable Fund of Funds is a prudential fund that provides investors with the opportunity to invest in other funds to hold a wide range of underlying asset classes.
The Oasis Balanced Stable Fund of Funds' portfolio seeks to provide investors with moderate capital appreciation and a sustainable level of income over the medium to long-term.
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