-0.99  /  -0.47%


NAV on 2020/08/07
NAV on 2020/08/06 213.89
52 week high on 2019/12/18 223.34
52 week low on 2020/03/23 162.02
Total Expense Ratio on 2020/03/31 0.8
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2020/03/31 0
Incl Dividends
1 month change 2.96% 2.96%
3 month change 6.59% 8.95%
6 month change -3.24% -1.1%
1 year change -0.08% 3.87%
5 year change 1.19% 4.15%
10 year change 0% 0%
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  • Sectoral allocations
Basic Materials 34.23 7.36%
Consumer Goods 11.85 2.55%
Consumer Services 14.16 3.05%
Financials 64.85 13.95%
Fixed Interest 23.52 5.06%
General Equity 91.96 19.78%
Gilts 57.92 12.46%
Health Care 3.94 0.85%
Industrials 3.30 0.71%
Liquid Assets 7.13 1.53%
Oil & Gas 0.01 0.00%
Spec Equity 102.40 22.03%
Technology 20.53 4.42%
Telecommunications 5.88 1.27%
Offshore 23.14 4.98%
  • Top five holdings
U-OMCAPSX 91.96 19.78%
U-OMWRESG 88.63 19.07%
U-OMMM 23.52 5.06%
 NASPERS-N 13.90 2.99%
U-OMEMESG 13.77 2.96%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data  
Management company:
Old Mutual Unit Trust Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
South African--Multi Asset--High Equity



  • Fund management  
Frank Sibiya
Frank joined Customised Solutions in September 2009 as an Investment Analyst before becoming an Index Portfolio Manager in 2012. He is responsible for managing both local and international tracker funds. He has eight years industry experience specialising in managing funds in Africa, and Emerging Markets.Prior to joining Customised Solutions, he was a lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology (Mathematics and Statistics Department) for five years. Frank also worked as a research assistant for Siyazi-SA Consulting, under operations risk management.
Bernisha Lala
Bernisha joined Old Mutual Customised Solutions as an Indexation Portfolio Manager in 2017. Her responsibilities include indexation portfolio management, optimisation and implementation.Prior to this role she held positions as both a quantitative analyst and portfolio manager at Taquanta Asset Managers, working on both the passive and active product offerings. Bernisha joined Nedbank in 2005 as a quantitative analyst and worked in the Corporate Ratings unit. She also worked as an assistant lecturer in the Department of Statistics at the University of Pretoria. Bernisha has 12 years of work experience in the investment industry.
Anelisa Balfour
- 6 years of industry experience

  • Fund manager's comment

Old Mutual Core Balanced Fund comment - Dec 19

2020/02/24 00:00:00
The broad South African equity market exposure in the fund is primarily through an allocation to the FTSE/JSE Capped SWIX All Share Index (Capped SWIX), which is intended to be a fairer reflection of the investment universe available to a South African investor. The Capped SWIX Index has a strategic weighting of 52% in the fund and returned 5.27% for the quarter ending December 2019.
The healthcare and basic materials sectors were the best performers returning 20.5% and 13.78% respectively, the worst detractor being telecommunications at -13.31%.
In addition to the broad local equity market exposure, the fund also has exposure to SA listed property, which has a strategic weight of 6.0%. The FTSE/JSE SA Listed Property Index returned 0.58% for the quarter ending December 2019.
The international equity exposure is invested in the MSCI All Country World ESG Leaders Index, which has a strategic weighting of 20.0%. The MSCI All Country World ESG Leaders Index offers exposure to both developed and emerging markets globally. The MSCI All Country World ESG Leaders Index returned 8.89% in USD terms. The rand appreciated against the US dollar by 7.8% over the quarter, which would have a negative impact on returns to South African investors.
To diversify the fund away from equity, the fund invests in nominal bonds through exposure to the JSE All Bond Index (ALBI), which has a strategic weighting of 7.0%. The ALBI increased by 1.73% for the quarter. In addition to the nominal bond exposure, an allocation is also made to inflationlinked government bonds through exposure to the JSE IGOV Index, which has a strategic weight of 6.0%. The JSE IGOV Index detracted by 0.97% for the quarter.
  • Fund focus and objective  
The fund aims to achieve long-term inflation-beating growth from a cost-efficient balanced portfolio with an equity exposure typically displayed by multi-asset high equity portfolios conforming to the regulations governing retirement fund investments.This fund is suited to investors wanting high long-term growth in a cost-efficient multi-asset high equity fund with less volatility in the short term compared to a pure equity fund. The fund is suitable as a stand-alone retirement investment. The fund is exposed to all sectors of the market (shares, bonds, property and cash) with a maximum of 75% exposure to equities and may invest up to 25% of its portfolio offshore in line with Treasury guidelines. The fund will have exposure to passively managed underlying securities. Derivatives may be used for risk management purposes.

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