-10.1  /  -0.35%

NAV on 2018/10/23


NAV on 2018/10/22 2930.9
52 week high on 2018/09/05 3444.51
52 week low on 2018/03/26 2478.15
Total Expense Ratio on 2018/09/30 1.23
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2018/09/30 0
NAV Incl Dividends
1 month change -9.37% -9.37%
3 month change -2.44% -2.44%
6 month change 10.07% 10.34%
1 year change 3.59% 3.86%
5 year change 16.07% 16.57%
10 year change 15.13% 16%
  • Sectoral allocations
Offshore 15612.65 100.00%
  • Top five holdings
FACEBOOKINC 263.49 1.69%
APPLE 261.01 1.67%
EXXONMOBIL 206.83 1.32%
MICROSOFT 171.17 1.1%
CHEVRON 167.11 1.07%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data
Management company:
Old Mutual Unit Trust Managers (RF) (Pty) Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
MSCI World index
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  • Fund management
Ian Heslop
He joined the Old Mutual Group as a fund manager in 2000 and specialised in the global technology and biotechnology sectors. Prior to that, he worked at Barclays Global Investors, where he was a UK quantitative fund manager for three years.
Ian joined Old Mutual Global Investors in 2004. He is Head of the Global Equities team, which manages a number of retail funds, hedge funds and segregated mandates.
Amadeo Alentorn
Amadeo joined the Global Equity team at Old Mutual Global Investors in January 2005. He is a fund manager, and as Head of Research, he is responsible for directing the investment research conducted by a team of in-house analysts and external academic advisors.
Prior to joining Old Mutual Global Investors, he was a researcher at the Bank of England, developing simulation models for systemic and liquidity risk. Prior to this, he worked as a software developer for CAD systems and for robotic applications. Amadeo has over nine years of experience in the industry.
Mike Servent
Mike joined the Global Equity team at Old Mutual Global Investors in November 2004. He is a fund manager, and as Head of Systems is responsible for maintaining the investment platform and systems employed by the team. Prior to joining Old Mutual Global Investors, he was a senior consultant at Barra International, specialising in the implementation of multi-asset class risk systems. Prior to this he spent five years with COR Risk Solutions, developing financial modelling software. Mike has over 14 years of experience in the industry.

  • Fund manager's comment

Old Mutual Global Equity comment - Jun 17

2017/09/06 00:00:00
Despite a series of short spikes in market level volatility this month, most regions continued to exhibit low volatility characteristics, according to our market environment analysis. By contrast, North America once again exhibited a more elevated volatility state, retracing to medium levels of volatility in recent weeks. In addition, North America also demonstrated more neutral sentiment over the course of June, moving from its previous optimistic anchor. This familiar pattern has persisted in recent months, with the remaining regions exhibiting optimistic sentiment. As mentioned above, the impact of divergent monetary regimes between the US and other countries accounted for much of the dispersion in volatility states, with the latest US rate hike underscoring the Federal Reserve's commitment to normalisation.
The pronounced style and sector rotations experienced in the wider market this month served as a further reminder that enhanced accommodation from central banks continues to camouflage the true extent of volatility in the system. While exhibiting low conventional realised and implied volatility, markets continued to demonstrate rotational behaviours at a style, sector and factor level. Investor risk aversion appears to have abated across all regions following the pronounced deterioration in risk appetite from January through to May. Different risk profiles persist across the investment universe. Investors' tolerance of risk remained most elevated within Asia Pacific, at marginally above two-thirds risk on, representing a marked improvement in risk appetite from the previous month. All the remaining regions have broadly registered fifty-fifty risk on profiles, with Europe demonstrating the least pronounced risk-off state. Risk appetite in both North America and Japan is broadly in line.
Performance amongst the fund's stock selection components was mixed in June. The Market Dynamics component detracted from performance, caused predominantly by our deployment of stock and industry level momentum within the portfolio. By contrast the Analyst Sentiment component was a positive contributor during this month, driven by the price arbitrage characteristic. A further positive contributor was the Company Management criterion, which focuses on the historic decisions of management teams over time.
  • Fund focus and objective
The fund aims to offer superior returns over the medium to longer term by means of a broad-based exposure to quality shares from across the globe. The fund is managed by OMAM (UK) who aims to maximise returns by managing country and sector exposure. This fund remains as fully invested in foreign equities as possible given regulatory constraints.
This fund is ideal for investors requiring an entry point to world stock markets or wishing to diversify into a global portfolio.



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