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-0.82  /  -0.65%


NAV on 2019/05/17
NAV on 2019/05/16 127.67
52 week high on 2018/05/28 130.2
52 week low on 2018/10/25 120.43
Total Expense Ratio on 2019/03/31 0.89
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2019/03/31 0
NAV Incl Dividends
1 month change -0.2% -0.2%
3 month change 1.63% 3.72%
6 month change 2.35% 6.78%
1 year change -1.54% 7.18%
5 year change -1.3% 7.1%
10 year change 0.07% 8.42%
Price data is updated once a day.
  • Sectoral allocations
Derivatives 2.47 0.38%
Fixed Interest 106.44 16.19%
Gilts 538.31 81.86%
Liquid Assets 10.36 1.58%
Money Market 0.05 0.01%
  • Top five holdings
U-PRUCOB 103.48 15.74%
U-PRUHGIN 2.96 0.45%
FUTURES M 2.47 0.38%
MONEYMARK 0.05 0.01%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data  
Management company:
Prudential Portfolio Managers Unit Trusts Ltd.
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
South African--Interest Bearing--Variable Term
BEASSA Total Return All Bond Index
Contact details




  • Fund management  
David Knee
David joined Prudential Portfolio Managers SA, as Head of Fixed Income in January 2009.  Prior to Prudential, he was the senior fixed interest portfolio manager in the London office of M&G Investments.  David worked at Prudential in South Africa in 1999 and 2000, and was responsible for establishing our current fixed interest process. Before joining M&G, David worked for Hill Samuel Asset Management as a fixed income fund manager, managing both life and pension funds for a variety of clients. David graduated from the London School of Economics with a BSc in Economics and from Birkbeck College with an MSc in Economics. He is an Associate of the Institute of Investment Management and Research.
Gareth Bern
Gareth completed a B.Bus Sc [Finance] degree in 1999 at UCT and went on to complete a B. Com [Hons] degree in accounting in 2000, also at UCT. He then spent 3 years completing his articles at Ernst & Young, qualifying as a CA[SA] in 2003. After spending the early part of 2004 working in the asset management division of Ernst & Youngs New York office, he returned to South Africa, joining Prudential. Gareth has the following degrees, B.Bus Sc [Finance], B.Com [Hons] Acc. Gareth holds both the CA [SA] and CFA designations.

  • Fund manager's comment

Prudential High Yield Bond comment - Dec 15

2016/03/15 00:00:00
The All Bond Index declined 6.7% and the Inflation-Linked Bond Index declined 1.8%. Cash returned 0.5%.
The Fund realised a total return of -6.9% for the month. This brings the one year return for the Fund to -5.0%. The Fund had an overall duration overweight position consisting predominantly of a duration overweight in the 12 years+ sector, with a partially offsetting duration underweight in the 3 - 7 year area.
  • Fund focus and objective  
The objective of the fund is to maximise income while securing a steady growth of capital. This is achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-yield bonds in the South African market.
This fund is suitable for individuals that require a high level of income from their capital investment with relatively low risk.
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