The Global Inflation Plus Fund, the target portfolio, will diversify investments across various asset classes whilst investing a maximum of 60% of the Net Asset Value of the Fund directly in global equity securities and/or indirectly through investment in Underlying Funds. The portfolio is not focused on any specific geographical area, industry or sector. The portfolio intends to invest principally in transferable securities in the form of global equities (such as shares and common stock) and global equity related securities (securities with equity characteristics or conferring the right to acquire equity securities, such as depositary receipts and preference shares), real estate investment trusts (REITS) and global bonds (which may be government and/or corporate, fixed and/or floating, rated and/or unrated) which are listed on Recognised Markets. It may also invest up to 100% of its Net Asset Value in cash and/or cash equivalents (including, but not limited to, US Treasury Bills, cash deposits, commercial paper, short-term money market instruments and certificates of deposit) for cash flow purposes or as part of a temporary defensive strategy or where the Investment Manager believes that economic, financial and political conditions make it advisable to do so.
The target portfolio may invest up to 100% of its Net Asset Value in the units and/or shares of underlying funds which provide exposure to the asset classes in which the portfolio can directly invest, subject to a maximum exposure of any one underlying fund not exceeding 20% of the portfolio's Net Asset Value and subject to the portfolio not investing more than 20% of its Net Asset Value in unregulated funds.

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