The portfolio will be a Feeder Fund. The investment objective of the portfolio is to achieve optimum risk adjusted total returns by providing investors with exposure to an international collective investment scheme portfolio comprising a diversified mix of global equity and equity-related securities. The target portfolio will have an equity focus but may also invest in money market and other approved instruments including, but not limited to, listed and unlisted financial instruments to minimise volatility, enhance the yield and capital growth, while taking steps to reduce the downside risks. The target portfolio will have no particular requirements in relation to capitalisation, any predetermined geographical distribution, or any particular emphasis on industry or sector, but will invest wherever the best opportunities present themselves across various sectors and regions. Investments to be included in the portfolio will, apart from assets in liquid form, consist solely of participatory interests of only one collective investment scheme portfolio, namely the Foord Global Equity Fund being a Singapore-constituted stand-alone collective investment scheme in securities. The portfolio will be exposed to exchange rate risk. The Manager may, at its discretion, include in the portfolio listed and unlisted financial instruments for the exclusive purpose of hedging these exchange rate risks. Nothing in this supplemental Deed shall preclude the Manager from varying the ratios of investment in the underlying portfolio or assets in liquid form, to maximise overall return in response to market conditions or legal requirements, or from retaining cash or placing cash on deposit in terms of the Deed, provided that the Manager shall ensure that the unit portfolio complies with the Act.

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