The investment objective of this portfolio is to provide long term capital growth and is suitable for investors who are prepared to tolerate high fluctuations in the value of their investment over the shorter term. The risk profile of the portfolio is moderate aggressive.
Apart from assets in liquid form, investments to be included in the portfolio will consist solely of participatory interests in portfolios of collective investment schemes registered in the Republic of South Africa or of participatory interests in collective investment schemes or other similar schemes operated in territories with a regulatory environment which is to the satisfaction of the manager and the trustees and is of a sufficient standard to provide investor protection which is at least equivalent to that in South Africa.
The portfolio will consist of a flexible combination of collective investment scheme portfolios in international equity, bond, property and money markets across all geographies. The portfolio composition will be shifted between various markets and collective investment schemes to reflect changing economic and market conditions to maximise returns over the long term.
The manager is permitted to invest on behalf of the portfolio in offshore investments as permitted by legislation. For the purpose of this portfolio, the Manager shall reserve the right to close the portfolio to new investors on a date determined by the Manager.
This will be done in order to be able to manage the portfolio in accordance with its mandate. The Manager may, once a portfolio has been closed, open that portfolio again to new investors on a date determined by the Manager.

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