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The manager invests in an actively managed balanced portfolio, with an equity exposure (including international equity) between 0% and 75% at all times. The investment policy followed by the manager will focus on achieving this by investing in a wide variety of asset classes such as equity securities, non-equity securities, listed property, money market instruments and assets in liquid form, both domestically and internationally, that have been approved for investment by the Shariah Supervisory Board (SSB) or Shariah Advisory Committee (SAC) from time to time.
The portfolio shall invest in Shariah compliant domestic and global equities, domestic and global property companies, listed commodity ETF's, Sukuks, Shariah compliant instruments and listed equity capital protection instruments, that have been approved for investment by the SSB from time to time. The portfolio will be predominantly invested in domestic assets, but may also invest internationally, within the statutory investment limitations and prudential investment requirements. The fund may at any time hold a maximum of 25% in offshore assets. The portfolio may also invest in participatory interests of underlying unit trust portfolios. The portfolio is compliant with regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

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