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    SA seen risking more frequent unrest without reforms

    4 Aug 2021  /  Prinesha Naidoo, Bloomberg   3

    Fast News

    WHO calls for moratorium on Covid-19 vaccine booster doses

    4 Aug 2021  /  Manas Mishra and Dania Nadeem, Reuters   2

    South Africa

    Taxis return to ‘normal’ on Cape Town roads

    4 Aug 2021  /  Liezl Human, GroundUp   2

    Fast News

    Tencent boss loses $14bn in rout, more than Jack Ma

    4 Aug 2021  /  Venus Feng, Bloomberg   1

    Fast News

    SA’s virus epicenter shifts to Cape Town

    4 Aug 2021  /  Paul Vecchiatto and Janice Kew, Bloomberg   1

    Fast News

    SA election board will file application to delay vote

    4 Aug 2021  /  Mike Cohen and Paul Vecchiatto, Bloomberg   1


    US joins probe into SA crypto firm Mirror Trading

    4 Aug 2021  /  Roxanne Henderson, Bloomberg  


    How to make money off esports …

    5 Aug 2021  /  Simon Brown  
The top commented articles of the past 7 days.


    Which way are we going, Mr President?

    3 Aug 2021  /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   41

    South Africa

    Yes, we can afford a universal basic income guarantee

    1 Aug 2021  /  Aliya Chikte and Gilad Isaacs, GroundUp   39

    South Africa

    Military not a magic bullet

    1 Aug 2021  /  Lindy Heinecken   21


    What to do about the Chinese situation?

    2 Aug 2021  /  Piet Viljoen   15


    Battle to stop 22km long mine on Wild Coast

    30 Jul 2021  /  Daniel Steyn and Nombulelo Damba-Hendrik, GroundUp   9
The top commented articles of the past month.

    South Africa

    South Africa has identified alleged instigators of violence – Ramaphosa

    16 Jul 2021  /  Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo, Tanisha Heiberg and Wendell Roelf, Reuters   80

    Companies and Deals

    The scale of the destruction

    19 Jul 2021  /  Moneyweb   80

    South Africa

    Sorry Jacob, Gary has already tried that!

    8 Jul 2021  /  Moneyweb   54


    SANDF to be deployed to violence stricken KwaZulu-Natal

    12 Jul 2021  /  Suren Naidoo   51

    South Africa

    Can Sasria honour claims of up to R30bn?

    16 Jul 2021  /  Adriaan Kruger   49

    Companies and Deals

    Durban chamber sends another SOS to Ramaphosa

    14 Jul 2021  /  Suren Naidoo and Palesa Mofokeng   42


    Which way are we going, Mr President?

    3 Aug 2021  /  Mamokgethi Molopyane   41

    South Africa

    Yes, we can afford a universal basic income guarantee

    1 Aug 2021  /  Aliya Chikte and Gilad Isaacs, GroundUp   39


    SA unrest: Ramaphosa’s message to organised business

    20 Jul 2021  /  President Cyril Ramaphosa   28


    ‘Covid grant should be R585, so all people in SA can afford to eat’

    27 Jul 2021  /  Theresa Edlmann, Engenas Senona, Erin Torkelson and Wanga Zembe, GroundUp   27
The latest 20 comments.
  1. tievo

    5 August 2021 @ 6:31 am
  2. With regards to your last sentence: is china’s growing influence in the world economic space such a bad thing?

  3. tievo

    5 August 2021 @ 6:29 am
  4. The creature from Jekyll Island

  5. Zokey

    5 August 2021 @ 6:22 am
  6. The concerns emanate from the Human Capital department. I have been dealing with them for over 6 years and NO ONE CARES!!! Look at all the key people leaving. Same thing happened @ S A B C Denel & S A A. I have the inside view

  7. Andrew Grieveson

    5 August 2021 @ 6:15 am
  8. Extradite now . This is a US dollar based scam which means the FBI can get their teeth into this . Here is hoping they do just that . Right now the brothers must be googling which countries don’t have extradition agreements with South Africa .

  9. casper1

    5 August 2021 @ 5:56 am
  10. LOL – Open and fully stocked for the pre Christmas looting spree.

  11. Africa Pragmatist

    5 August 2021 @ 5:28 am
  12. What percentage of the recipients are truly eligible?

  13. SPAP

    4 August 2021 @ 10:51 pm
  14. I don’t trust either party in this matter and firmly believe that MultiChoice are not fully compliant, just as much as I believe that FIRS are being ridiculous on the purported level of ‘the fine’. Smoke and fire! (with a few mirrors thrown in).

    MultiChoice will not make any inroads into Africa if they price at the equivalent rate to what they charge in SA. The subscriptions in Nigeria are cheaper than in this country, yet even so they are high for the local population there. Long-term sustainable growth will require a rethink on the offering and on pricing in all countries where they have a presence, or in any new territories that they might choose to enter.

    There will be a fine levied after much mud-slinging, proclamations of innocence, etc. It will be high, yet substantially below what is currently reported. Act I, Scene I is underway.

  15. edalsg

    4 August 2021 @ 10:35 pm
  16. Telkom advised me that my landline was to be discontinued then were surprised when I got Fibre from someone else !!!
    Thank God they went away easily .

  17. SPAP

    4 August 2021 @ 10:21 pm
  18. Good on you Corrie1. Absolutely agree, especially with the self-flagellation bit. But, hey some folk might get a rise out of that.

    The key role players in the Judiciary need to take responsibility for the incredibly numbing state of affairs vis a vis Bennett and Porritt. Spilg is the Judge, he can exercise control over his court docket. If he allows these games and LONG periods of time in between, then he is sending the message that this case is not a priority. His ‘bosses’ could also step in and demand that the manner in which the case is being handled damages the reputation and standing of the courts. They could help ensure that it is now finally expedited. Clearly, however, the image and pure ineptitude in dealing with / bringing a court case to conclusion is of zero concern to these people.

    Sept 8’th will come and there will be further shenanigans and resultant delays with long breaks in between. It’ll just be more of the same.

    I think the physician must have told the Spilg that Porritt could only attend court for 6 hours in a day and for 2 days in a 1 week period per 12 month cycle, with a minimum of 9 months between appearances. That is to say, continue as before and don’t stress the accused people who are so desperately hanging onto their ‘innocent’ before proven guilty status.

  19. Colson

    4 August 2021 @ 10:11 pm
  20. Actually, the South African Government is a pretty big 419 scam as well.

  21. Pernix

    4 August 2021 @ 9:20 pm
  22. Seems like the Nigerian gov masterminds the mother of all 419 scams?

  23. Mr Groenewald

    4 August 2021 @ 9:07 pm
  24. Just my uninformed layman’s 2c. Will gladly hear a more informed opinion.

    What can the Constitutional Court actually say except to rule that an extension is against the constitution?

    Should it not be up to parliament to change the constitution with a two-thirds majority? Moseneke’s opinion is all well and good, but does he really have the authority here?

    South Africans deserve the opportunity to express their political views, and judging by the recent uproar in KZN there are some strongly-held opinions just waiting to be expressed. To delay the vote to keep the status quo in place is the essence of NOT free and fair.

  25. Gargoyl

    4 August 2021 @ 7:56 pm
  26. I wonder how much “growth” results from telling landline customers that their landline will be terminated forthwith and they can either apply for a digital service or lose the service? This tends to leave a sour taste. Who actually needs or benefits from this half-baked cowboy outfit that still regards itself as more important than its customers and shows no signs of changing from crudely incompetent to anything like grown up.

  27. Corrie1

    4 August 2021 @ 6:57 pm
  28. As an accountant in public practice for a number of years (30 in September this year) I’m always fascinated by how the system will destroy SMEs and the owners thereof for minor infractions, if any, while individuals such as these two just rape the system to suit them. Approximately three years ago I embarked on LLB studies in an effort try and unravel this mystery. the systems and legislation are top class but an invisible hand play the system in such a way that boggles the mind. We have an excellent Constitution and yet it’s not worth the paper its written on. From the very outset of the new democracy we were more focused on the rehabilitation and basic human rights of downright criminals while ignoring the issue of restitution and fair treatment of victims entirely. This is making a mockery of our judiciary. The legal profession can just as well mothball their gowns and beat themselves with a long stick.

  29. Chris Stoffel

    4 August 2021 @ 6:19 pm
  30. Those countries that paid got their vaccines. Some countries want it for free. Rich countries are rich for a reason, poor countries are poor for a reason. Perhaps we will now see what is ‘survival of the fittest’ is all about.

  31. Sensei

    4 August 2021 @ 6:05 pm
  32. How does one reform the mindset of the voter? Ramaphosa is nothing more than a proxy for the mindset of the average voter. He cannot reform anything. He cannot even reform himself, for that is where the reform must start.

    He is a BEE billionaire. He has to pay back the money before he will have any legitimacy. If he wants the moral authority to reform the economy, he has to rectify the process of legalized plunder. BEE is the nationalization of 30% of private property. The most damaging example of expropriation without compensation is the 27 year-long process of redistributive municipal rates and taxes. The ANC has painted itself into a corner long ago. The bomb is primed and the detonator is ticking.

  33. Joely

    4 August 2021 @ 6:03 pm
  34. I agree. The vaccine should be by choice and not by force. Next we’ll be hearing clauses being put into contracts that prevents payouts because you havent been vaccinated. Countries are banning entry if you cannot produce evidence of having the jab, surely if your citizen is protected then its job done, the unvaccinated is at risk. This is not yellow fever

  35. beachcomber

    4 August 2021 @ 5:54 pm
  36. Any economy is also destined for failure when over 80 people are murdered in a taxi turf war and the national police force is incapable of preventing this, along with the burning of Golden Arrow buses, attacks on drivers and the collapse of the Cape Town metro rail service.

  37. boepens

    4 August 2021 @ 5:46 pm
  38. ” …. unless the government fast-tracks growth-enhancing structural reforms”


    1: Politicians care only about re election. Nothing else matters to them. So if they have to bankrupt the country in the process or risk civil anarchy they will do so without further thought. They will do all to stay elected.

    2: There is an inherent contradiction between what is required in SA and the impossible, unobtainable, inaffordable pie in the sky policies of pseudosocialists in the government. It will never, ever happen under ANC rule. The ANC cannot and will not do what is required because they risk the populist vote. Until the govt puts the best people we have (regardless of political affiliation) in cabinet and holds them to account, nothing is going to change and the race to the bottom will continue unabated. Simple example: with a communist in charge of the economy the outcome is 100% predictable in spite of the wordspin and international donor conferences as per the last 27 years.

    The outcome for our country is absolutely predicatable, no question in my mind. I am so convinced of this I have bet my pension on it.

  39. Duncan Gohl

    4 August 2021 @ 5:42 pm
  40. Should give this type of theft a number ?
    Maybe the 418 scam….

The top voted comments of the past 7 days.
  1. Chris Stoffel

    3 August 2021 @ 12:53 am
  2. What a joke. The Gini Coefficient. The ANC who was supposed to uplift and look after their ‘own’ people, failed miserably. Even with discrimination against white people, the ANC failed to uplift their own. They only enriched themselves.

  3. jnrb

    3 August 2021 @ 6:04 am
  4. Only a nation of idiots destroys its own infrastructure and then rebuilds it and then destroys it again.

  5. Incitatus

    3 August 2021 @ 8:40 am
  6. So what, exactly, must a person do who’s been retrenched? Tell himself that he’ll at least be able to pay for food when he’s 65?

    Secondly, this article does not mention one of the big problems with retirement savings in SA: the dismal performance of fund management companies and the exorbitant fees they charge for third-rate retirement products.

  7. Bakerman1945

    3 August 2021 @ 6:16 am
  8. Selfsame idiots rock up at SASSA paypoints demand Grant money, Selfsame idiots knock on doors demand Jobs, selfsame idiots will vote for the originators of their misery

  9. jnrb

    3 August 2021 @ 8:41 am
  10. 100 years from now the history books on South Africa may simply read: “European colonists first settled on a permanent basis in 1652 and established a society based on a European model. However, unlike other settlements in America, Australia and New Zealand, the colonists always remained a minority and their government was eventually overthrown by the majority indigenous people. Subsequent to that transition, the country quickly regained the system of governance it had prior to colonisation. In such a system, regional strongmen rule without accountability amassing large personal wealth with no tolerance for opposition. Consequently, development stalled and life expectancy, per capita income, and literacy levels all declined for the broader population.” Somewhere in there, you and I lived our lives.The rest is just detail.

  11. casper1

    1 August 2021 @ 4:05 am
  12. We are being forced into adopting the Gupta way of emigration !!!!

  13. Safrican2

    1 August 2021 @ 4:47 am
  14. The Tyranny of the Majority is a 19th century quote, yet so very real in todays 21st century. There is such panic going on in the ANC that common sense simply ceases to exist with them. The 16 tax payers left in SA will soon be zero.

  15. Sensei

    1 August 2021 @ 9:03 am
  16. Social cohesion, stability, and law and order do have a specific value. The Zulu-speaking demographic group has demonstrated the cost of social instability and anarchy. This impacts directly on the bottom line of property owners, entrepreneurs, and the salary of the privileged elite who do have a job. A case can be made for these groups, with their vested interests, to contribute towards “purchasing” social stability through a basic income grant. They will get a return on their “investment”. This is why SARS and municipalities have the right to tax capital and income. The point is – locals are suffering from tax fatigue already. They are over-taxed, exploited, and abused by the average voter.

    At some stage, it simply becomes too costly to be an entrepreneur, property owner, and employee. These people have value to add in the form of capital, skills, experience, and attitude. If they do not get a satisfactory return on these scarce attributes locally, they will offer their assets to the international community. They will either emigrate or become demotivated and despondent and join the ranks of the rioting unemployed.

    At a certain stage, social unrest, anarchy, lawlessness, extortion, and plunder get a life of their own. The state loses control, the judiciary hides in their bunkers, the police protect the gangsters, the criminals capture the state, and the state frantically fights for legitimacy by exploiting the shrinking tax base to bribe voters with social grants.

    Why settle for a measly R580 per month if you can act with impunity when you steal R85 000 per month from the community as a useless ANC ward member?

    There is a fatal flaw at the heart of our political-economic system. We are experiencing the harmful results of wrong incentives. We punish hard work, investment, and entrepreneurship with a mountain of taxes, and we reward the victim mentality with BEE laws, redistributive municipal tax laws, minimum wages, labor laws, and social grants.

    We are reaping what we have sown. We are beyond the point of no return. We are now, for the most part, a communalist society where everybody plunders everybody else. The ANC has turned South Africa into the Tragedy of the Commons.

  17. Stormrider

    30 July 2021 @ 12:56 pm
  18. The real issue with scrap metal is that criminal gangs are quickly dismantling the infrastructure of the country by harvesting ( with impunity ) the street lights, traffic barriers, traffic lights, cell phone towers, abandoned government buildings and anything else they can lay their hands on. What is the plan here?

  19. Gismho

    4 August 2021 @ 12:41 am
  20. How can any citizen of this country have any respect for S.A.’s justice system after witnessing this fifteen year court circus act?
    No wonder Zuma ties the “justice system” in knots, year after year, and it responds by allowing him to get away with it.
    Porritt and Bennett are the trail-blazers in the circus: Zuma just follows on.

  21. Sensei

    3 August 2021 @ 8:13 am
  22. Despite the wonderfully sophisticated(and unfit for purpose) constitution, which is supposed to guarantee our rights and freedom, under the ANC, South Africa remains a backward communalist society where different cultures clash on a regular basis. The war over land and territory has been ongoing for 300 years. Where war parties have stolen some cattle in the past, they now use the legislature to benefit from other people’s property. Where in the past, they needed a spear and a shield to steal from each other, they now only need the ballot box and a pen.

    The spineless ANC has dug its own grave by allowing 2 opposing legal systems to operate under one constitution. Their financial and legal support for the tribal leaders kept citizens in slavery and made a mockery of the constitution. They pride themselves on being a “progressive” organization, yet they protect outdated medieval practices. This support for traditional leaders has taught citizens to disrespect the judiciary. They honor their traditional leaders(clan) and they treat the judiciary with disdain. The ANC has made sure that the rule of law remains a western concept. We are moving backward on the road to civilization under ANC rule.

    The ANC has been breeding and sponsoring anarchy for 27 years with their narrow-minded bribes for traditional leaders in an effort to buy political support. Now, the faction fighting makes it clear that the ANC has lost both political support as well as law and order. We are back at the beginning where marauding hordes plunder property by violent means. This is merely the logical consequence of ANC strategies.

  23. pwgg

    3 August 2021 @ 6:32 am
  24. Discriminate and murder those that feed, cloth and give them all the nice western goodies.

    Direction???? Straight to join those slobbering at the trough, as long as there is a morsel they will forage.

  25. casper1

    3 August 2021 @ 5:17 am
  26. There is one sure direction and that is downhill — fast !!!

  27. Richardthe Great

    1 August 2021 @ 4:44 am
  28. The avarice of the regime knows no bounds. They are shameless. This will simply exacerbate capital and skills flight.

  29. casper1

    1 August 2021 @ 4:10 am
  30. Of course we can afford to give people thousands of rands per month — All we have to do is print it ne !!!!

  31. pwgg

    3 August 2021 @ 6:29 am
  32. Leave them closed, let them travel to shop.

    Time they policed their own, let the good find the rotten and weed them out.

  33. JapieM

    30 July 2021 @ 1:12 pm
  34. Although recycling is a good thing, considering the situation in SA, recycling of metal must NOT be allowed. The damage to our infrastructure by scrap metal ‘suppliers’ , by far, outweighs the environmental benefits.

  35. nicksinger

    1 August 2021 @ 7:09 am
  36. Perhaps the authors can open up their wallets and dish it out.

  37. Dat Boi

    30 July 2021 @ 9:55 am
  38. And on cue, Sygnia’s biggest shill arrives at the party.

  39. Mmmm

    1 August 2021 @ 7:02 am
  40. SARS has turned into a cursed parasite sustaining a cursed criminal regime voted into power by a cursed people.


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