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    Devon Card / 23 September 2020 A third option exists that may be the perfect solution.
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    Suren Naidoo / 23 September 2020 Covid-19 crunch takes its toll on group’s rental income.
     42      6
    Hilton Tarrant / 23 September 2020 Since listing, nearly half a billion has been paid in fees …
     38      16
    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 23 September 2020 Legislators seem oblivious to the business and tax-generating potential of the industry.
     32      7
    Suren Naidoo / 23 September 2020 Group’s share price surges more than 15% as deal with Barloworld gets go-ahead.
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    Amanda Visser / 23 September 2020 In countries with low- or no tax, firms must have staff, premises, expenses and activities aligned with the company's nature.
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    Roy Cokayne / 23 September 2020 Reservations about the state’s ability to follow through on its massive infrastructure development programme blamed for low confidence levels.
     21      7
    Larry Claasen / 23 September 2020 But too early to gauge the pace of the recovery.
     18      4
    Ciaran Ryan / 23 September 2020 Many businesses are having to reimagine the way they do business and are using technology to get them there.
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    Prinesha Naidoo, Bloomberg / 22 September 2020 To grow the industry as the government earlier this year raised tariffs to counter cheap imports.
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    Footage: Courtesy of UN Web TV / 22 September 2020 Speaking as the chair of the African Union.
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    Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg / 23 September 2020 When complete it is expected to produce 860,000 ounces of platinum group metals and gold a year.
     4      0
    Promit Mukherjee, Bloomberg / 23 September 2020 As banks shun risk.
     3      0
    Stanis Bujakera and Helen Reid, Bloomberg / 23 September 2020 Should produce 270,000 tonnes of copper as cathode in 2020.
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    Matthew Hill and Taonga Clifford Mitimingi, Bloomberg / 23 September 2020 Zambia became the first African country to ask bondholders for relief.
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    Ciaran Ryan / 21 September 2020 The data dump suggests MTI has taken in deposits of R4bn, while founders reportedly received R309 million.
     456      56
    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Amid Covid-19 economic fallout.
     241      7
    Ann Crotty / 21 September 2020 New CEO to get R161m worth of Sanlam shares.
     217      22
    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 18 September 2020 Says claims for unemployment, maternity and illness benefits continue to be processed.
     167      7
    Roy Cokayne / 22 September 2020 Part of the multi-billion rand cost – because ‘people in cars don’t pay their fair share in terms of the taxes they pay’.
     159      54
    Roy Cokayne / 18 September 2020 Lowest bidder Kusa Kokutsha is seeking an order directing Sanral to award the tender to the company.
     114      7
    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 19 September 2020 The fund says it will not process claims with incomplete information.
     112      1
    Suren Naidoo / 22 September 2020 Retail chain 'must have' a presence in SA's major CBDs, says Retailability CEO.
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    Adam Bacher / 17 September 2020 Transfers to a living annuity are done on a tax-neutral basis, but there are a few things to be aware of.
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    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Pauses cutting cycle with SA's economy opening up further to alert Level 1 soon.
     76      12
    Roxanne Henderson, Bloomberg / 17 September 2020 Country's economy contracted for seven of the last ten quarters.
     74      1
    Footage: Courtesy of Sarb / 17 September 2020 Read Lesetja Kganyago's full statement.
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    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Pandemic-hit industry hails the president's announcement of borders opening in October.
     65      24
    Netty Ismail, Abeer Abu Omar and Zainab Fattah / 18 September 2020 Country's debt is on the rise as the government taps the bond market.
     62      5
    Chris Yelland / 21 September 2020 By Eskom report as well as court judgment, while so-called whistleblower eyeing millions is 'taking legal advice on this matter'.
     62      7
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    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 26 August 2020 Based on the Auditor-General alerting the department to irregularities.
     1332      16
    Hilton Tarrant / 14 September 2020 Haters will say 'told you so'.
     963      44
    Danny Dorling / 13 September 2020 Your chances of dying with Covid-19 depend primarily on age.
     705      10
    Adriaan Kruger / 28 August 2020 Big showdown expected when Mboweni tables mid-term budget in October.
     662      71
    Ciaran Ryan / 21 September 2020 The data dump suggests MTI has taken in deposits of R4bn, while founders reportedly received R309 million.
     456      56
    Amanda Visser / 26 August 2020 But draft legislation needs more clarification.
     435      28
    Larry Claasen / 4 September 2020 Attorneys want the high court to wind up insolvent fund.
     406      32
    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 10 September 2020 A day after it was announced that it would be extended to September 15.
     383      6
    Ciaran Ryan / 28 August 2020 Interest in Mirror Trading International seems undiminished, in spite of three strikes from three different regulators.
     365      37
    Stealthy Wealth / 7 September 2020 You can be a bond-free property owner in 13 years instead of 20.
     323      13
    Adriaan Kruger / 25 August 2020 Some industries were forced to shut down completely, leaving owners and employees hungry.
     313      49
    Melitta Ngalonkulu / 26 August 2020 'The day you become an expert is the day you start to die' - Vusi Thembekwayo of MyGrowthFund.
     273      0
    Barbara Curson / 15 September 2020 The National State of Disaster has been just that. A disaster. And it's a state that extends beyond just the pandemic.
     269      30
    Moneyweb Reporter / 26 August 2020 And what is left now that its core holding is gone?
     259      19
    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Amid Covid-19 economic fallout.
     241      7
The latest 15 comments.
  1. Wealthcraft

    23 September 2020 @ 3:16 pm
  2. It misses the mark cause it was done while high and also that it’s still a draft.

  3. geranium

    23 September 2020 @ 3:06 pm
  4. I think they are renting their premises at R27mil per month.
    I had a discovery card and when i cancelled it took trench warfare to get them to eventually let me go free.

  5. Mmmm

    23 September 2020 @ 3:04 pm
  6. All this is done by Pravin Gupta so the political ANC elite an families can fly around in comfort while the poor keep voting for them.

    So I guess that’s ok then?? The poorest of the poor says its ok.

  7. Bob123

    23 September 2020 @ 3:00 pm
  8. Hopeless attempt at more anc communist central control…their “our people” will still cultivate it by the acre and distribute it by the sack full through well established and saps / gang “protected” arrangements!

  9. geranium

    23 September 2020 @ 2:59 pm
  10. Easy come easy go.
    Joining a long list of BE failures , especially those that received shares in previously successful companies for mahala.
    I mean where else does the creditor stand good for the debtor , makes me sick.

  11. Bob123

    23 September 2020 @ 2:56 pm
  12. More anc smoke, mirrors and disengenuos BS!

  13. Bob123

    23 September 2020 @ 2:53 pm
  14. Odd how the anc communist controlled “economy” use free market capitist taxes to crow their populist “success” to their ” our people”….who just suck up their disengenuos BS…..hook, line and sinker!

  15. Gertjouber1

    23 September 2020 @ 1:46 pm
  16. I dont understand uncertainties about us elections.Trump will win in a landslide.

  17. Pelz-ebub

    23 September 2020 @ 1:23 pm
  18. Look : Great news ! The corps is bleeding less …

  19. wherewillitend

    23 September 2020 @ 1:01 pm
  20. Yes and ARC are so cash flush, they had to rely on a R2bn Sanlam financing facility to pay for the R1bn Alexander Forbes acquisition at the beginning of the year and to pay their capital contribution to the newly established African Rainbow Life. And they also need to use that facility to pay for their asset management acquisition. Go read the Sanlam interim results – the devil is always in the detail.

  21. Marcan

    23 September 2020 @ 12:43 pm
  22. South Africa’s future does NOT rely on Eishkom.
    It could be very well that given the current circumstances and the present ownership of Eskom, AdR is relatively doing a good job, more openness, demanding more accountability fro m the power station managers.
    But as a whole, Gov should get as much out of the energy sector as much as possible. Eskom should be liquidated, it has almost R 500 B in debt and received more than R 200 B in bailots over the last 20 years.
    The whole generation side, incl the old coal fired power stations can be run by 3 or 4 competing private energy companies. The transmission system can still be partly owned by Gov. Gov, munis and metros should get out of distribution and sales completely.

  23. CaptainObvious

    23 September 2020 @ 12:39 pm
  24. It’s pretty clear cut to be honest. Notwithstanding the increase in the arrears interest rate, shareholders should be aware of the fees.

    The disconnected between NAV and market cap is for the risk of the public shareholders and is exacerbated by the market.

    The NAV is audited and independently verified, the discount carried in the market cap is because the market knows about the fee structure amougst other things and is willing to sell their shares at a 70% discount.

    If anything the fact that ARC are willing to take shares (via underwrite) in lieu of cash payment for the management fee supports the notion that the market has undervalued the listed shares, significantly.

  25. DragonX

    23 September 2020 @ 12:29 pm
  26. They talking BULL.

    If they were so smart (…And I know a few of them that work there) they would be giving exceptional guidance all these years!

  27. MichaelfromKlerksdorp

    23 September 2020 @ 12:23 pm
  28. The world’s wealthy will agree with you 100%.

    That’s why I enjoy websites like these, below:

  29. MichaelfromKlerksdorp

    23 September 2020 @ 12:20 pm
  30. Ag nooo!!

    Now what do I do with my offshore Post Box in Liechtenstein, that I so dearly paid for? 🙁

The top voted comments of the past 7 days.
  1. BageSuge

    22 September 2020 @ 1:10 am
  2. Excuse me, profess(or) of this and other non-senses: because ‘people in cars don’t pay their fair share in terms of the taxes they pay, the last time I checked, motorists pay all the taxes and levies that are imposed on the petrol and diesel that the government is due, they pay taxes on all items they use for their motoring needs, including toll and other fees needed. So, what these mysterious taxes that motorists are supposed to not be paying? Also, why are private motor car owners (citizens) funding an entity which makes profits for private individuals in the main? Why are these people making the payment/debt public and privitizing the profits for themselves only. If you want motorists to invest, send me a share certificate, but don’t give me this clap trap!!! Like all motorists, I pay all taxes and levies required of me by government, not a cent more, not a cent less. Period.

  3. Pelz-ebub

    17 September 2020 @ 12:39 am
  4. It would be a lot better if the frog boiler Cyril would move to a Super alert about his thieving ANC comrades.

  5. PurgeCoin

    21 September 2020 @ 6:08 am
  6. “I’m a socialist drinker!” The bartender chuckled and asked me, “Don’t you mean social drinker?”
    “No, I only drink when someone else is paying.”

  7. mountainboy

    21 September 2020 @ 6:45 am
  8. And that, boys, is why I’ve liquidated all assets and moving offshore. If they do not have the balls to sort something relatively minor like SAA, imagine what they will be doing with big issues like public debt, excessive salary budgets and failing SOEs. We on a hiding next to nothing sadly

  9. Funguyinjnb

    17 September 2020 @ 6:14 am
  10. Another day, another plan is being developed.

    How about developing some implementation instead?

  11. casper1

    21 September 2020 @ 5:46 am
  12. These guys spent 10 Years trying to make SAA profitable and only succeeded in making it worse. What divine intervention do they have to think they can now make it work??

  13. Mmmm

    17 September 2020 @ 6:43 am
  14. This country has 33% children. 33% getting free stuff from the state and are unemployed. The other 20% are corrupt thieves. What happened to the other 13%?? Well 10% of those are the union members. They toi-toi all the time as they are not entitled to free stuff and are not in positions to steal stuff. 3% unknown.

    Now we expect these people to fix what they broke? Like ESKOM, SAA, THE COUNTRY, ………….??

    Hahaaaa. Dream on.

  15. casper1

    22 September 2020 @ 6:02 am
  16. One cannot fault their warped communist logic ne !!!

  17. Chris Stoffel

    22 September 2020 @ 12:54 am
  18. I noticed that my firearm licences are up for renewal. Better get that done soonest.

  19. Africa Pragmatist

    21 September 2020 @ 5:18 am
  20. No need for the state to commit to putting in any funding at all.

  21. Lord Beerus

    17 September 2020 @ 9:05 am
  22. To put things in perspective of how the ANC have ruined opportunities in this country:

    * South Korea is 29,000 square kilometres smaller than the Western Cape
    * South Korea have 50 Million People
    * South Korea’s neighbor country is North Korea
    * South Korea have currently an annual GDP of 1.6 trillion US Dollar…yes, 1.6 TRILLION US DOLLARS!

    Compare that to South Africa:

    * South Africa is 12.2 times larger than South Korea
    * South Africa have abundant resources – definitely much much more than South Korea (basically free money)
    * South Africa have mostly the same population size of 55 odd million people
    * South Africa’s annual GDP Pre-Covid = 368 Billion US Dollars

    For those who do not understand billion to trillion:

    * South Korea (which is 12.2 time smaller in size than South Africa) have an annual GDP 4.35 times higher than that of South Africa.
    * South Korea’s GDP per capita are 4.92 times that of South Africa.

    So, in conclusion – we (read Government) are doing something seriously wrong.

    On a positive note (we should always try and do and say something positive) – we have a huge upswing potential. If we can stick and if our government can change for the better – there are no better place to be than South Africa.

    Beerus Oor en uit (kkkgggg….)

  23. tievo

    17 September 2020 @ 6:16 am
  24. The day government realises that business is not your enemy and creating environments where business can blossom, that will be the day millions will be moved into the middle class. That middle class have the potential to put SA on a massive economic growth trajectory.

  25. Sensei

    21 September 2020 @ 7:24 am
  26. If the pension funds want to buy something that has an engine and has a business model that flies, they should consider John Deere and Caterpillar. Deer offered a 29% CAGR in rand terms over the last 2 decades and pays a 2% dividend in dollars.

    Ony basket case socialists will buy SAA that is crashing when they can buy Deer that is flying. They throw the viable and successful Comair under the bus and they support the disastrous SAA SOE. Basket case socialists want to protect jobs by throwing good money after bad, and by throwing entrepreneurs under the bus, while only entrepreneurs with money can create jobs. How stupid can you get?

    This quest to “save jobs” to buy votes from unions, motivates basket case socialists to implement losing strategies that always deliver more unemployment and bankrupts the state.

  27. Jenfem

    17 September 2020 @ 12:49 pm
  28. Oh please, time for a fire sale – just wasting time and money procrastinating and delaying the inevitable.

  29. Zokey

    17 September 2020 @ 6:29 am
  30. Like he’s a saviour?????????? The ANC has trashed the economy and bankrupted thousands of businesses AND drained the fiscus they loot from.Let’s not pretend anything good happened here. P.S. They are still in their positions????????????????

The top commented articles of the past 7 days.
    Ciaran Ryan / 21 September 2020 The data dump suggests MTI has taken in deposits of R4bn, while founders reportedly received R309 million.
     456      56
    Roy Cokayne / 22 September 2020 Part of the multi-billion rand cost – because ‘people in cars don’t pay their fair share in terms of the taxes they pay’.
     159      54
    Larry Claasen / 17 September 2020 All eyes on Nedlac's reconstruction and recovery plan.
     43      28
    Moneyweb / 21 September 2020 Civil servant pensions targeted for short-term loans.
     37      26
    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Pandemic-hit industry hails the president's announcement of borders opening in October.
     65      24
    Ann Crotty / 21 September 2020 New CEO to get R161m worth of Sanlam shares.
     217      22
    Alexander Winning, Reuters / 17 September 2020 Says it's still trying to source the R10bn.
     16      19
    Rajesh Kumar Singh, Bloomberg / 19 September 2020 And contain warming of the planet.
     4      16
    Hilton Tarrant / 23 September 2020 Since listing, nearly half a billion has been paid in fees …
     38      16
    Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg / 22 September 2020 Eskom’s troubles reflect South Africa’s decline over the past decade.
     26      13
    Suren Naidoo / 17 September 2020 Pauses cutting cycle with SA's economy opening up further to alert Level 1 soon.
     76      12
    Barbara Curson / 17 September 2020 The catastrophic consequences of profit considerations over safety.
     39      9
    Suren Naidoo / 22 September 2020 Covid-19 exacerbates property devaluations, as distributable income takes a R434m overall knock.
     36      9
    Footage: Courtesy of SABC / 18 September 2020 Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma led the briefing.
     7      9
    Ann Crotty / 21 September 2020 The CEO who got almost everything wrong (other than his own deal), the team that’s filling some big shoes, and the company that pulled a rabbit out of the hat, but not in time to keep a major investor from unloading a third of its holding – the week that was.
     53      8

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