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Darren Bobroff a disgrace to the Law Society – LSNP

‘Ronald Bobroff should have taken steps to stop his son’s wrongful conduct’.

The Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP) labelled Darren Bobroff, director of personal injury law firm Ronald Bobroff & Partners (RBP), “a disgrace to this society (LSNP)” during a disciplinary hearing for his defamatory postings on social media.

This follows a complaint laid against Bobroff earlier this year by attorneys Norman Berger and Anthony Millar of Norman Berger & Partners (NBP), and Jeff Katz, an attorney and internal lawyer at Discovery Health.

Charge sheet

These lawyers laid the charge at the LSNP after Darren Bobroff posted several defamatory messages on his Facebook page and other social media platforms. The charge contains 13 postings in which they allege Bobroff defamed the complainants.  Here are a few of these posts:

  • “Lawyers like norman berger and anthony millar are an embarrassment to the legal profession and personal injury attorneys in particular. (sic)”
  • “Scumbags norman berger and millar will be exposed to the court for their unlawful and dishonest practice and hopefully struck off the roll as soon as possible. (sic)”
  • “Application to strike norman berger and anthony millar from the roll of attorneys being prepared. (sic)”
  • Anthony millar and norman berger must be prosecuted for theft and use of stolen documentation and misappropriation of their touted natalspruit client’s money.  prison will be only acceptable punishment for these despicable thieves. (sic)”


Read the full Bobroff charge sheet here.

Darren Bobroff has perpetually referred to Millar and Berger’s alleged touting at the Natalspruit Hospital. An LSNP Investigating Committee has, during a previous disciplinary hearing against the two, however dismissed all charges. None of the three attorneys are currently facing any disciplinary proceedings.

Darren Bobroff’s disciplinary hearing

Senior attorney Nico Boezaart chaired the disciplinary committee comprising three attorneys. Advocate Nazeer Cassim SC represented Bobroff and read out Darren Bobroff’s undertaking that he will not demean or attack the dignity of Berger, Millar and Katz further by posting defamatory statements on social media, or any other media platform. He also undertook to remove all existing comments from his Facebook page and that he will apologise on Facebook for these comments.

He has subsequently adhered to this undertaking.

Mr Bobroff, please stand up!

At the end of the hearing Boezaart ordered Darren Bobroff to stand up, telling him that the hearing was postponed sine die (indefinitely).

Boezaart then said: “The view of the committee is that your conduct, as set out in the charge sheet, and which was admitted to by your counsel this morning, is a disgrace to this society. It is especially a disgrace to this society, coming from a firm like yours where your partner and father [Ronald Bobroff] was the president of this society. The feeling of this committee is that even though he is not in front of the committee [but present here today], he should have taken steps in any case to prevent [your conduct].”

Fit and proper

Moneyweb asked the LSNP that following this pronouncement, how Bobroff could be seen as fit and proper to practice as an attorney?

The LSNP said in response that “it will not be appropriate for the Law Society to comment on the finding of the Disciplinary Committee, as you would have noted that this matter has not been concluded, but was postponed sine die (adjourned without a date appointed for a further hearing).”

Read Moneyweb’s email to the LSNP here.

Darren Bobroff said in response to Moneyweb questions. “Your email is not surprising. I have referred same to our attorney who will respond accordingly.”  No response from Bobroff’s attorney had been received at the time of publication.

RBP has been under siege from a barrage of litigation by former clients for the alleged overcharging through its common law contingency fee agreements. Several courts have already ruled that these agreements are illegal.

Moneyweb recently questioned why the LSNP had not taken steps to deal with these findings and other serious allegations of wrongdoing.

Read When collegiality becomes complicity and Law Society allowed Bobroff fee regime against advice.


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