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Response to banting/Ponzi claim

“There’s a terrific irony in your ‘article.’

Dear Mr. Heystek

I have just had the pleasure of reading the article, “Is Tim Noakes running a Ponzi scheme?”

I’m used to hearing “Tim Noakes” and “running” in the same sentence, as I’m sure you are. But imagine the surprise when I discovered he’s been implicated in some kind of fraud. I was intrigued. The click bait had worked and I read on.

You then proceeded to discuss your many heroic examples of rescuing the unenlightened from pyramid schemes that you had uncovered. As you pointed out, your courageous reporting didn’t bring the praise you deserved, but rather threats, denials and accusations.

Permit me if you will Mr. Heystek, but your life story seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Professor Noakes’s life story. At least it did before your noble stint as the people’s champion was replaced by your current role as a tabloid opportunist.

I’m afraid that’s where the Tim Noakes allegory ends for you Magnus. Can I call you Magnus?

Today, indeed everyday, Professor Noakes goes out to bat for something he believes in. Something that science, medicine, history and common sense support, something that is complicated by socio-political and economic interests but that the world is nonetheless beginning to understand. His message: essentially that we are consuming far too much in the way of carbs and sugar.

Indeed Noakes has his detractors (some of whom are even qualified to speak on the subject). But that isn’t surprising, as it’s not easy to admit that much of your work has been based on a misconception. Just ask Noakes himself.

There’s a terrific irony in your ‘article’ Magnus, where an investment strategist feels compelled to weigh in on the subject of health and nutrition. It’s like asking me to write a think piece on investment strategy. I too would probably waffle on about my past successes before advising everyone to throw it all on black.

I will stop short of suggesting that you chose to sensationalise the topic of Tim Noakes and Banting in order to ride a popular wave and secure a few more valuable clicks. But your newfound area of expertise suggests that the world is currently short of investment opportunities.

If, Magnus, you are genuinely dismissive of Professor Noakes and Banting, we would like to challenge you to do the Beginner Banting Course. Like many others, you might soon find yourself converted. And if you chose to temper this newfound fanaticism with a slice of bread here and a bowl of pasta there, I’m sure Professor Noakes wouldn’t object.

In the meantime Magnus, keep an eye out for genuine Ponzi schemes. By your own admission, you were very good at that.

Jonno Proudfoot
The Real Meal Revolution


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